Registration opens on Monday, August 10 and will be open throughout the event.

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Message from the JBMF Board:


This event will help us continue our efforts of providing assistance to our families as well as supporting local businesses that have been there for us through the years. The JBMF did not solicit or request any donations for this event.  All auction items were either purchased by the Fund or donated. You can participate in this event anywhere in the world, on any device. Help us by registering and sharing this event with your family and friends.

Special Guests

  • Mayor Tom Andes

    Click photo to read a greeting from Denville's Mayor Tom Andes

    Mayor Tom Andes

    Click photo to read a greeting from Denville's Mayor Tom Andes

    I hope this Summer is treating you well as we are all trying to cope with the new normal of Covid 19. Since March we have all had disappointments, had to make sacrifices and have missed our traditional holidays and events. For me the 4th of July weekend this year was lacking. Not just because there were no fireworks but much more because the Joey Bella Tricky Tray and Beef Steak were cancelled. Each year the volunteers that run the Joey Bella Memorial Fund prepare for months and have brought thousands of people together in patriotic fellowship. More importantly, they raise funds to help pay bills for Denville families and those in contiguous communities, with children who are dealing with a catastrophic illness. For over 30 years, these volunteers who make sure 100% of all donations and proceeds go to the families who are facing the decision of paying medical bills or their mortgage. The Joey Bella Memorial Fund has truly has become Denville's charity. To fill financial void created by the cancellation of their two big fund raising event the Joey Bella Memorial Fund will be holding a Silent Auction from August 10th to August 21st, more details go to If you are in a position to participate in the auction or make a donation, please join me and help the Joey Bella Memorial Fund continue to their good work.

JBMF Online Auction Timeline

  1. Registration & window shopping begins!!!
  2. Bidding begins at 9 AM! Continue to view gifts, place bids & check back & bid often throughout the week.
  3. Event ends at 9 PM- we hope you had a great time!!!
  4. We want to shine a spotlight on the following people and groups and thank them for their time, donations, and sponsorship of this event: Ladies Auxiliary of the Denville Volunteer Fire Department Members of the GFWC Womans Club of Denville-Rockaway
  5. Sara Baur, Ellen & Jim Duffin, Kathy Elko, Karen Lazur, Kevin Mahn, Mary AcAleer, Linda McNally, Casey & Kurt Pedersen, Susan & Dan Richardson, Sandy Webb MaryJeanne White Cathy & Tom Zollo
  6. The JBMF Board of Directors & Their Families ...and our many anonymous supporters!